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Is your HVAC system making strange noises or not effectively cooling and heating your home? Then it may be time to replace your old system. Contact Home Tech Air to discuss replacing your old HVAC unit with a new system that will keep your home comfortable year round.

Our HVAC specialists offer excellent customer service and competitive prices with low installation costs for your HVAC replacement. If your current system repeatedly needs to be serviced for repairs, if you have seen increased energy bills, or if you are not happy with your HVAC system’s performance throughout your home, it’s likely time for a replacement.

Should You Replace Or Repair Your Current HVAC System?

One question homeowners frequently ask is how to know if they should get a new HVAC replacement or repair their current one.

If this is your first experience with a troubled heating system, it is usually recommended to treat your current HVAC systems malfunctions with a repair, as that tends to be the most cost-effective option. However, in cases where your system has needed frequent repairs or exceeds its expected life span, a new furnace installation is recommended.

The Formula to Determine Replacement vs. Repair

One of our HVAC professional contractors will help determine the best solution for your home during your free estimate. A good way to determine what the likelihood is of a repair versus a replacement is to consider the “5,000 rule.”
Take the age of your broken furnace, multiply that number by the cost of the estimated repair, and if that number is greater than 5,000, it’s probably better to replace the unit entirely when considering the cost of heating bills with continued costly repairs.
Here are a couple of examples of this formula put to work:

If your heating system is 10 years old and needs $350 in work- 10 x 350 = 3500, in this instance, it is bests to repair your current unit.

If your heating system is 15 years old and needs $350 in work in work- 15 x 350 = 5250, in this instance, it’s best to invest in a new system installation and replacement.

As part of our dedication to customer service and satisfaction, will not recommend a full furnace replacement if a HVAC system repair is the better option for your home and budget.

Signs It’s Time For A Heating Systems Replacement

How do you know it’s time for a HVAC replacement or a newer system that is more environmentally friendly?

Here are some of the warning signs that you should contact one of our heating repair and replacement professional contractors to discuss replacing your old system with a newer one:

√ Frequent repairs do not prove to have long-term effects on your home.

√ Repeated repairs are going to outweigh the cost of a new unit.

√ You hear persistent, unusual noises coming from the furnace or pump.

√ Your current system is over 10 years old.

√ You want or need a new energy-efficient system.

√ Your current unit is not keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

√ You find that you regularly have to adjust the thermostat for your central heating unit.

√ There are random hot and cool spots throughout the home.

√ You or a member of your household is repeatedly sick or not feeling well due to the air quality.

Whether your HVAC needs a full replacement or you are looking for a more green, sustainable system to lower your carbon footprint, our repairs and replacements are the very best bet in HVAC professional services in the Middle Tennessee area.

The Installation Process for Your Heat Pump or Furnace

Home Tech Air wants to make your HVAC replacement experience as simple and stress-free as possible while keeping the replacement costs low.

We help determine what HVAC type is best for your home. We can answer all your questions when it comes to choosing the best size, brand, and unit for your home. Then, we will schedule a day and time that is convenient for you for us to come to your home for the installation.

HVAC installation is not a quick, easy process. In fact, it can often take between four to eight hours to install all of your new heating and cooling equipment. The amount of time for most HVACs to be installed depends on the size of the unit and the existing system.

Once installed, our HVAC professional technician will walk you through how to use your new thermostat and HVAC system.

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